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About My Music

I compose and produce creative instrumental electronic music in various styles. Important examples of styles are symphonic, world, atmospheric, experimental and pop. My focus is often on making musically good, "catchy" and music-theoretically advanced compositions and on giving the productions an interesting and beautiful sound.

I am releasing CDs of my own and have interest in my music being used for sound tracks, shows, performances and installations. I would also be interested in composing music specifically for such purposes, including computer games, commercials and movies.


My Background

I have got Level A music from the Danish "Gymnasium" (high-school). I am very interested in music theory and I am often analyzing music that I hear. From time to time, the music I compose also uses some fancy music theory. All in all, I believe that my musicial foundation and music compositional skills are adequate.

For many years I have been writing music. I think it started around 1989 when I got my hands on some music software for the Amiga. My first music was written using Sonix on the Amiga. After that, for some years I used Bars and Pipes PRO on the Amiga and a Korg Wavestation EX synthesizer and an Alesis Quadrasynth synthesizer. I have also tried using Sequitur on BeOS, which is a Bars and Pipes clone.

For my CV as a musician and ISRC codes on all released tracks, see:

Current Studio Equipment

Digi 002 Rack and ProTools is a hardware and software music package by Digidesign with low recording latency, decent sound quality, integrated multitrack MIDI and audio recorder, forming a completly digital, noise-free and loss-less music studio.

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